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  • The reason why the lamp at home is blackened, I understand it after reading it.
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    Lamps as a long-term durable goods for the family, and the lamp as the main lighting, high luminous efficiency and durability, simple and elegant yet beautiful, not only can play the effect of lighting, but also can decorate the home style. When we use it for a few months, we may find that the lamp in the house has a layer of black shadow. I can't help thinking about it. Why does the lamp turn black? What should we do now?

    The reason why the lamp at home is blackened, I understand it after reading it.

    The part of the lamp filament will turn black after a long time, and there are two main reasons for the analysis of the LED tube manufacturer:

    1. If a conventional fluorescent tube holder with a ballast is used, the ballast is generally a hot cathode ballast. During operation, a current flows through the filament to cause a fever to enhance the electron emission capability, and at the same time, accelerates. The sublimation of the filament (that is, the solid tungsten turns into tungsten vapor at a high temperature), and the sublimed tungsten is again condensed on the relatively low temperature glass envelope, thereby darkening the phosphor.

    2. The active material on the surface of the filament for emitting electrons is sputtered during use (especially when starting or the quality of the ballast is poor). These substances are deposited on the phosphor of the glass envelope of the tube, causing blackening. This is the main reason for fluorescent tubes.


    If you see this reader, you don't have to worry about this problem, because the current LED tube has improved this phenomenon, so it is very important to choose a good luminaire. Choose Ruixiang Lighting LED tube to save you money and worry. The light source board is fixed on the aluminum strip, the heat dissipation is good, the light effect is high, the light is even and soft; the driving adopts constant current non-isolated power supply, no stroboscopic phenomenon; the lamp bead adopts 2835 high-brightness bead, and the luminous effect reaches above 95LM/W, light The aging is controlled within 3% per year.

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