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  • Straight tube fluorescent lamp application range
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    It is suitable for finer work, where the color needs to be correctly recognized, the illumination requirement is high, or the place where the intense vision work is performed for a long time, the suspension height is preferably below 4m. Daylight fluorescent lamps are suitable for room lighting with natural daylight or for lighting where ambient comfort is required. Fluorescent lamps should not be used in places with frequent switching, and are not suitable for indoor and outdoor places where the ambient temperature is too high or too low.

    The most suitable ambient temperature for fluorescent lamps is 18~25¡ãC. When the relative humidity of the environment is in the range of 75% to 80%, it will cause difficulty in starting. Fluorescent lamps must be used with ballasts and starters of the corresponding specifications, otherwise the life of the lamps or the difficulty of starting will be shortened. Fluorescent lamp power supply voltage changes should not exceed ¡À 5%, otherwise it will affect the light efficiency and life of the lamp.

    The impact of the light source on the initial investment should be considered. The efficiency of the light source has a direct impact on the number of lamps in the lighting scheme, electrical equipment costs, material costs and installation costs. The use of high-efficiency light sources can reduce initial investment. The size of the light source also affects the size and cost of the luminaire. Although the luminous efficiency of the fluorescent lamp is relatively high, the size of the luminaire is large, the price is high, and the initial investment is inevitably increased.

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