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  • Is intelligent lighting really necessary in the AI era? of course
  • date: 2017-9-14 hits:324 

    2018 is destined to be an extraordinary year for Ruixiang Lighting. On the one hand, we have seen fierce competition between traditional lighting companies. On the other hand, the tide of Internet of Things and artificial intelligence technology has brought new opportunities to the lighting industry. The change will be the status quo that the lighting industry has to face this year. With the comprehensive expansion of LED applications and the advancement of technologies such as the Internet and artificial intelligence, the intelligent lighting industry has officially entered a high-speed development track. As early as last year, with the development of technology, mature products, active promotion of manufacturers, and popularization of concepts related to smart lighting, the global smart lighting market entered a stage of rapid development, with a market size of nearly 4.6 billion US dollars and an annual growth rate of 95%.

    Intelligent lighting

    According to the data of the Intelligent Lighting Industry Analysis Report of Prospective Industry Research Institute, in 2013, the global intelligent lighting market industry scale was about 5.757 billion US dollars, of which the scale of lamps and related accessories market was about 1.287 billion US dollars; in 2015, the global intelligent lighting market scale It reached 7.83 billion US dollars and the growth was very rapid.

    According to the current development momentum, it is expected to reach 24.341 billion US dollars in 2020, of which the market size of lamps and related accessories is about 8.71 billion US dollars, accounting for more than 5%, and the compound annual growth rate is over 20%. Compared with traditional manual control lighting, intelligent lighting can achieve the goal of safety, energy saving, comfort and efficiency. In the case of a significant increase in labor costs in the future, the adoption of a smart lighting overall solution can effectively reduce the intensity of maintenance work, save labor costs, and save energy. Therefore, intelligent lighting has good development prospects in the fields of home, office, business and public facilities.

    Intelligent lighting

    Some people divide the "realm" of intelligent lighting into three levels:
    The first level enables the initial stages of state awareness, automatic decision making, and immediate execution, allowing the luminaire to “act” according to the user's preset scene.
    The second level, based on the former's ability to "real-time analysis", can synthesize more sensory data for decision making. At this time, the user's instructions may be more "fuzzy", and the response of the lighting fixtures is more Accurate.
    At the third level, the intelligent lighting system will have the ability of self-learning, and can intelligently “guess out” the user's demand preferences according to the analysis and learning improvement of big data, and independently give more personalized and more intimate lighting solutions. Program. What artificial intelligence can do is to promote intelligent lighting to “cultivate” and upgrade to the third level.

    In the future, Ruixiang Lighting combines the development of artificial intelligence technology, and more will add people's behavior to the lighting scene, and develop more efficient, comfortable and healthy intelligent lighting products based on people, and solve the real need for people to light. It will be the future development direction of Ruixiang Intelligent Lighting.

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